Our Staff

While Unified Care Services has some of the best medical equipment on the market, that is not the only thing that makes us special. What separates us from our competition is our friendly, knowledgeable and highly professional staff.

Our Professional Team

The professional attitude and friendly service you get from Unified Care Services starts at the top with our founder Jose Rodriguez. Unified Care Services was created to ensure medical facilities and patients throughout Florida have access to the supplies they need with minimal hassle. From the top of our team to our customer service and product experts, every staff member is committed to offering you the best service. If you need a little bit of help finding the right medical equipment, our staff can surely help!

Whether you are having trouble deciding between products from two different brands or are not sure which accessories are compatible with the respiratory equipment you recently purchased, our team has the knowledge to help you out. We can even recommend products based on what some of our other customers have had to say about them, making it even easier for you to find everything you need without wasting time. Customer service is an important part of any shopping experience, and you get the best customer service thanks to the team at Unified Care Services.

All our customer service representatives are trained to deal with any problem you might run into. And since we strive to offer friendly service, you never have to worry about making several complicated phone calls to get an answer.
From Jose Rodriguez to our customer service team and all other staff members, each one of us at Unified Care Services is committed to making sure you get the best medical equipment and the best service.