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Medical Standar Crib

Standard Crib

Our Standard Cribs cater to children with limited mobility, such as those unable to sit up, kneel high, or stand. These cribs prevent children from climbing over the rail and falling out. Key features of the Standard Crib include manual head and knee elevation, providing customized comfort for each child. The crib comes equipped with a 3″ foam mattress, ensuring a soft and supportive sleep surface. Its pan mattress surface is designed for durability and ease of cleaning. The E-Z Lift Sides make it effortless for caregivers to access the child.

Standar Cribs Features:

The crib is mounted on 5″ heavy-duty casters. These casters include one for steering, two with brakes, and one that swivels, offering excellent mobility and stability. A confetti epoxy finish gives the crib a playful yet durable exterior. Its steel construction guarantees long-lasting use and safety. For further customization, the Standard Crib offers several options. These include the addition of up to four IV poles for medical necessities. An under-crib shelf provides convenient storage space.

Additional mattress options are available: a 4″ foam mattress, a 5″ innerspring mattress, and a 5″ pressure reduction mattress. Each mattress type caters to different comfort and medical needs. A spring link mattress surface option is also available, offering another layer of comfort. The crib’s articulation allows the head section to raise to 35 degrees and the thigh/foot section to 15 degrees. This feature aids in comfortable positioning for the child.

the Standard Crib is a comprehensive solution for children with limited mobility. It combines safety, comfort, and practicality, ensuring a secure and pleasant environment for the child. With its robust construction and various customizable options, it stands as an essential piece of equipment in child care.