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Lightweight Bariatric Homecare Bed

Drive DeVilbiss introduces the Lightweight Bariatric Homecare Bed, a major leap in homecare. This bed focuses on patient comfort and caregiver efficiency. It features frames up to 100 lbs lighter than traditional ones. These frames, while lightweight, do not sacrifice strength. They have been rigorously tested. They maintain a safe working load capacity of up to 1000 lbs. This capacity, however, varies with bed size.

The Lightweight Bariatric Homecare Bed

Is available in widths of 42″, 48″, and 54″. It suits various patient needs. It also makes delivery and assembly by healthcare providers easier. The bed’s design enhances maneuverability and transportability. It addresses the challenges often faced in bariatric care.

These beds prioritize patient safety and performance.

They meet International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. This includes IEC 60601-2-52, 60601-1, 60601-1-2, and 60601-1-11. They support a safe working load of 600 lbs.

The bed features a full-electric design. It includes a dual motor assembly for adjustable head and frame positions. This feature is key for patient comfort and care. The ultra-lightweight frame allows for easy setup by one person. No connecting links or tools are needed.

The bed also has a square tube steel frame slat deck. This deck provides strong, no-sag mattress support. It is also easy to clean. The bed ends feature scratch-resistant wood grain panels. They include hi-lo motors for height adjustability.

The UL-approved motor is designed for reduced weight and noise. It can be easily installed or removed with the patient in bed. Drive DeVilbiss has included features to reduce service calls. For example, a large, easy-to-use glow-in-the-dark hand pendant is available. It includes LED indicators for power and lockout.

Drive DeVilbiss also offers separate accessories. These include a battery backup (model #15302LWB) and half rails (model 15021BV-LW). These accessories meet FDA and ASTM entrapment guidelines and standards.

In conclusion, Drive DeVilbiss’ Lightweight Bariatric Homecare Bed is a significant advancement. It combines ease of use for caregivers with comfort and safety for patients.

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