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Gauze Sponge McKesson 2 X 2 Inch

Gauze Sponge McKesson 2 X 2 Inch 2 per Pack Sterile 8-Ply Square

Gauze Sponge McKesson 2 X 2 in.

Gauze Sponge McKesson 2 X 2 inch offers superior quality for various medical needs. This product is ideal for wound dressing, cleaning, prepping, or packing. The sponges are 100% cotton, ensuring comfort and safety. They are 8-ply, providing extra absorbency and strength. The reduced linting feature minimizes contamination risks. Each sponge is sterile, ensuring it’s safe for use on all types of wounds.

Efficient Wound Care:

In the medical field, efficient wound care is crucial. McKesson’s Gauze Sponges fit this need perfectly. They are not only useful for dressing wounds but also for general cleaning and prepping. Their convenient, peelable pouch packaging ensures ease of use. These sponges are single-use, preventing cross-contamination. Additionally, they are free from natural rubber latex, making them safe for those with allergies.

Packaging and Accessibility:

The Gauze Sponge McKesson 2 X 2 In. is packaged thoughtfully. Each pack contains two sponges, with 50 packs per box and 30 boxes per case. This bulk packaging makes it easy for medical facilities to maintain a sufficient supply. The compact size of each sponge makes it suitable for a variety of medical situations.

Overall, the Gauze Sponge 2 X 2 inch is a versatile and essential product for medical professionals. Its quality, packaging, and ease of use make it a reliable choice for healthcare settings.

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