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The Delta Semi-Electric Bed

Delta® Ultra- Light 1000, Semi-Electric Bed

  • The Delta Ultra Light 1000, a universally adaptable semi-electric bed, accommodates Drive’s bed ends and those from various other manufacturers, both old and new. It features a transition box at the foot section, crucial for its interchangeability (Figure A), allowing users to alter the high/low shaft’s rotation.
  • In home decor, the design favors a taller headboard than the footboard for a better fit (Figure B). The bed’s wood grain panels boast resistance to scratches and breakage. Remarkably, the foot section’s weight is 50% less than that of conventional sections, ensuring safe and straightforward deliveries.
  • After installation, the bed retains its high/low shaft to prevent loss or forgetting in subsequent setups (Figure C). The bed’s design includes color-coded springs and labeled parts, facilitating accurate and safe side rail installation for patient protection (Figure D).
  • A unique, self-contained motor in the bed cuts down on both weight and noise. Caregivers can install or remove this motor even with a patient in the bed. SGS, a nationally accredited testing facility, has rigorously tested the bed, its side rails, and mattress for safety.
  • This bed aligns with all FDA entrapment guidelines and features a UL-approved motor. In power outages, a 9-volt battery in the motor lowers the head and foot sections up to nine times, eliminating the need for a manual crank.
  • The bed’s newly enhanced remote control offers large, user-friendly buttons (Figure E). Packaged in two cartons, its channel frame construction delivers exceptional strength while minimizing weight. The bed’s spring deck features a zinc coating for added durability.
  • An optional extension kit (model #15030EXTKIT) extends the bed from 80″ to 84″, with a patent pending on this design. The Delta Semi-Electric Bed supports up to 450 lbs in weight.

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