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Delta® Ultra-Light 1000, Full-Electric Bed

Full Electric Bed: A Comprehensive Overview

The Delta Ultra Light 1000 Full Electric Bed excels in universal compatibility, fitting bed ends from Drive and various other brands. Its foot section includes a transition box (Figure A), streamlining the process of modifying the high/low shaft rotation.

Design and Durability of our full electric bed

This Full Electric Bed’s headboard is taller than its footboard, aligning well with household aesthetics (Figure B). Scratch-resistant wood grain panels enhance its durability. Its foot section is remarkably 50% lighter than traditional designs, promoting safer transportation.

Installation and Safety Features

During installation, the high/low shaft becomes a permanent component of the bed, minimizing the risk of misplacement (Figure C). Side rails are safely installed, thanks to color-coded springs and clear labels (Figure D). A distinct, self-contained motor in the bed minimizes noise and mass. It’s removable even when a patient is present. Rigorous safety testing by SGS ensures compliance with FDA entrapment guidelines, and the motor is UL certified.

Functionality in Emergencies

In case of a power failure, a 9-volt battery in the hand control enables the adjustment of both head and foot sections up to nine times without requiring a manual crank.

User-Friendly Control and Robust Construction

The bed’s redesigned hand control offers large, easy-to-use buttons (Figure E). It is shipped in two separate packages. The bed’s structure is fortified through channel frame construction, offering enhanced strength while being lightweight. Moreover, the spring deck is protected with zinc coating.

Customization and Capacity

An optional extension kit (model #15030EXTKIT) is available to extend the bed’s length from 80 to 84 inches. It supports a maximum weight of 450 lbs, and the design is currently patent pending.

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