Careprost Online

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As we get older, we might begin to experience vision difficulties in different forms. These difficulties could be conjunctivitis, astigmatism, glaucoma, etc. Some of the issues often need the attention of medical experts who will administer drugs and (or) perform surgical operations. When we develop bad conditions with our eyes like hypertension or glaucoma, Careprost is the right medicine fit.

What Careprost is

Careprost is a drug prepared in the form of eye drops to improve certain visual challenges. It works majorly for hypotrichosis, open-angle glaucoma, and hypertension of the eyes. Careprost fixes these issues by reducing eye pressure, stopping eye pain, and preventing further harm to people’s eyes. 


This eye drop is made from;

  1. Citric acid
  2. Dibasic Sodium phosphate
  3. Sodium chloride
  4. Purified water

Also, manufacturers sometimes include;

  • Sodium hydroxide or,
  • Sodium Hydrochloric, to maintain a good pH balance for the drug

What to know before using Careprost 

Here is what to bear in mind prior to the time of taking this medicine. 

  1. Patiently read and properly digest the descriptions presented on the leaflet of the drug.
  2. Ask questions from your medical attendant when unclear on anything. If you read the descriptions yourself or forget anything, ask for more clarity. As an example, make inquiries from your doctor again for the prescribed dosage if it escapes your mind.
  3. Wipe every makeup product on your face, especially those around your eyes. 
  4. Thoroughly wash your hands & face prior to when you apply Careprost.
  5. Take off your lenses (if you wear any) prior to applying the eye drop.
  6. Handle the application with caution. Avoid direct interaction between your hands and the Careprost container tip or the tip of the applicator, as this could result in the drug being contaminated with bacteria.
  7. Prevent this medicine from touching your body to prevent hair in unwanted places.
  8. Stopping this medication can return your eye condition to its initial state. It could even worsen your eye condition. 
  9. Your vision will begin to improve after the first four hours of use. However, only the complete dosage can improve eye issues completely.
  10. To enjoy the maximum effects of the drug, do not miss a dose. 
  11. Do not put this medicine in the refrigerator.
  12. Use this medicine within a month of opening the bottle. If it remains in the bottle after following the doctor’s prescription, avoid using it further. 

Using Careprost medically

  1. Careprost should be used daily at night, except your medical attendant states otherwise.
  2. Maintain an interval of five minutes between Careprost and other eye drops you use for other purposes. 
  3. Avoid using more than the dosage your doctor recommended. If excess liquid gets into the applicator, get it out.
  4. Shut your eyes for two to three minutes immediately after you apply Careprost. Once applied, refrain from squeezing the eyes/blinking them. 
  5. Apply Careprost to your eyelashes on the upper part. Avoid using it on the lower line of your lashes. 
  6. Use an applicator once. Do not repeat use. 
  7. The applicator tip should not touch your eyes. Be extra careful to let just the liquid drop into the eyes. 
  8. Clean all the portion of the fluid if it drops on your body or your face using toilet paper or other soft materials.

Advice for Nursing/Expectant Mothers

Inform the doctor if there is the need to treat any eye issue with Careprost while you have taken in or have a suckling. The doctor’s advice on the use, benefits, and risks attached to using Careprost at this time will guide you. 

Careprost Prescription

Follow your doctor’s prescription. Kindly remember not to use an additional dose of Careprost. Doing this will not make your eye problems go away. Do not combine two doses if you miss any dose. 


Careprost is enclosed in transparent dispenser containers. It is also packed with many disposable applicators for use as an applicator is for one-time use. The bottles for this drug are packed in;

  1. 5 millimeters in a 5 millimeters bottle. This bottle has 140 applicators.
  2. 3 millimeters in a 5 millimeters bottle. It comes with 70 applicators.
  3. 1.5 millimeters in a 5 millimeters container. It has 40 applicators.

Adverse Effects

Careprost can react in a more conspicuous or mild way in people after they use it. Some of the effects that show up in people in a few scenarios are blindness, loss of strength, inability to view clearly, seeing light halos, getting itchy eyes, becoming sensitive to sunlight, tear increase, sneezing, ear congestion, sore throat, inability to view at night, red eyes, much discharge from the eyes, & eye discoloration.


When you want to use this drug, use the applier that comes with it. Avoid the use of makeup brushes, the applicators of other eye drops, or droppers for babies’ medicines. Avoid the discontinued use of Careprost without proper guidance from a medical practitioner.

If there have been allergies from using this eye medicine in the past, avoid the medicine. Allergic reactions to the eye drop are rash on the skin, difficult breathing, and tongue, eyes, throat, & face swelling. 

Do not run on the treadmill, drive, or handle risky stuff if your vision is blurry after using Careprost. Also, do not hold back on sharing information about your health with your doctor. Likewise, share information about the current drugs you are using. 


Tell your health attendant in the case where you are battling uveitis or macular edema for proper guidance. This medicine interacts well with these sicknesses even if when they are present in you. Yet, prevent the hesitation of withholding this information from your health personnel. The same is applicable if you use medications like Latanoprost, Xalatan, or Travoprost. Inquire from your health personnel if you can drink alcoholic beverages when Careprost is prescribed to you.

Places to buy this medicine 

You can purchase the eye drop from any pharmacy as long as you have a prescription. Also, you can check online for trusted medical vendors you can buy it from. 


Keep Careprost bottles in an area that has 2°C to 25°C equivalent to 36°F to 77°F.