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About the Founders

Unified Care was founded by a husband and wife team, Jay and Marivic “Jed” Vanover. Jed has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, dual Master’s Degrees in Healthcare Administration and Nursing, and is a Resident Assessment Coordinator Certified (RAC-CT). Jed has worked within various hospital departments since 1994, including the Emergency, Intensive Care, Step-Down, Medical-Surgical, and Telemetry units. Jed has extensive clinical and managerial experience that gives her the understanding and capability to work closely with clients and their families.

During her career as a Senior Nurse Manager in an acquired brain injury facility in the United Kingdom, Jed was inspired and moved by the observation that many families search for companionship and support for their loved ones after they are discharged from the hospital. This is a concern for most families, and rightly so, because they wish to sustain the wellbeing and recovery needs of their loved ones. Realizing, then, that there is a great need for a closer, more active, and more personal form of care for many individuals with various difficulties, Jed decided to start Unified Care Services. Jed knows that life for these individuals means much more than just being confined to a room– they deserve much better while living within the comforts of their own home.

While working in the hospital, Jed was saddened to see many senior adult patients be admitted because of falls, poor nutrition, dehydration, bedsores, depression, and injuries due to poor memory or limited cognitive capabilities. Jed knows that there is much more for these individuals than just being at home. The presence of a compassionate and dependable companion is essential to brighten up the day, have someone to talk to, or simply provide caring hands.

Running a home care service company is not an easy task. It is a challenge that keeps Jed deeply motivated in her sincere belief and knowledge that people need help. She is determined to see that every client under her company’s care receives the compassionate, dignified care that they rightfully deserve.

Jay has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ohio State University. Although he does not originally have a background in the home care arena, Jay is always striving to advance himself and has begun this by receiving his Certified Senior Care Manager qualification.

Being part of a home care business is an exciting adventure and a unique and interesting experience. It provides the opportunity to make a substantial impact in people’s quality of life. Providing care and assistance to those who need it is much more rewarding and fulfilling than any type of engineering job. And at Unified Care, profit margins are not a priority– the wellbeing of our clients is our main goal, and we are proud of this commitment.